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Fixed Services


Because of our dedication to excellence we only work with the leaders in the field for our technology requirements.
Recommended by the world’s leading corporations, Viasat Inc. has achieved the highest standards worldwide, both for technology and customer support. Viasat products include: Viasat’s VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal) Networks, combine LinkStar DVB S2 ACM and Linkway S2. All of which can be integrated with each other. 
LinkStar DVB S2-ACM is the best system in the world for its application because it offers the greatest efficiency in bandwidth consumption and savings. This in turn allows for the reduction of operating costs and increased network capacity. The system has been designed to be used for service providers, corporate networks, military applications, transactional systems and residential uses, among others. 
Linkstar DVB S2-ACM includes an innovative feature called adaptive code modulation which allows it to automatically mitigate undesirable climatic effects, considerably decreasing service interruption or micro cuts caused by rain or snow. 
LinkStar DVB S2-ACM can provide return channels with the highest bandwidth in the market, thus being able to access greater user connection speeds. 
At the side of the Hub is the Master Station which is administered centrally across the network. This can be optimized to your required bandwidth with only a few commands or even guarantee certain critical services that require fixed bandwidth (CIR - Committed Information Rate). 
Linkway S2 allows different protocols (such as IP, ATM, Frame Relay or ISDN) and direct connection between remote sites (mesh), avoiding a "double-hop" satellite situation that can affect the performance of critical services. 
As for bandwidth management, Linkway S2, includes features like "Turbo Codec” and more efficient modulation schemes (8PSK) which reduce bandwidth consumption and lead to even further reduction in costs.


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Mobile Services


In March 2011, Andesat and ViaSat Inc. embarked on the joint operation of a Hub Arclight for mobile services in the region, operating on Intelsat IS 14 and thus completing the Yonder network with Global coverage.
Using the same Intelsat Satellite IS 14, for his excellent coverage of the continent and its coastline, Andesat, together with ViaSat provides a premium service bandwidth for moving vehicles. Boats, planes, trains or land vehicles, all alike can keep in constant communication with the world.
Yonder is a global network so you can enjoy the same service wherever you are. The coverage is growing year by year and roaming from one satellite to another is seamless. When coverage of one satellite signal degrades in its quality, it automatically finds another without you even noticing. This is all provided at the same cost wherever you are in the world.
We have a number of pricing options ranging from pay-as-you-go to an unlimited flat rate service.
For its maritime services, KVH is world renowned. Andesat markets KVH maritime services for the Region.


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