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Pablo L. Rasore
With almost 30 years of top-level professional experience, Pablo has an extensive portfolio that spans the satellite, manufacturing and agricultural industries. During his time in these sectors he has created and developed a number of successful commercial platforms for a range of target markets. Building upon his previous achievements, Pablo moved on to be a founding director and CEO of a highly renowned satellite telecommunications company for the period of 10 years. He holds a BS in business administration and a postgraduate in business.
Gustavo Buxdorf
Engineering Manager
Gustavo is a telecommunications engineer who specializes in satellite communications. He has over 8 years of experience in satellite teleports, networking and VSAT networks where he has worked for recognized telecommunications companies. His previous roles have included the integrating and updating technologies as well as the generation of new products. Gustavo graduated from a postgraduate in business at one of the leading universities in Latin America. In addition to this he has attended a number of specialist satellite technology courses in the USA. Coupled with his expert technical abilities, Gustavo also has a strong vocation in customer service. Gustavo’s primary role in Andesat is to oversee the smooth operation of the entire network.
Claudio Figueroa von B.
Gerente General Andesat Perú S.A.C.
Born in Santiago, Chile, Claudio is Electrical Engineer who has extensive experience in the management of human and technical resources for the telecommunications industry.  He has led teams in different countries including:  Santiago (Chile), Melbourne (USA) and Lima (Peru) where he is now based. Claudio has been responsible for managing key engineering projects for the construction of end-to-end voice networks, transportation networks and video. For these projects he has been involved in every stage of the process from technical specifications and contract negotiations to project management, investment control and commissioning. He has also been responsible for the operation and maintenance of networks for public and private telecommunications organisations in areas such as establishment of policies, procedures and metrics for operational control, cost reduction, efficient organization and complementary outsourcing services. Claudio is a representative of the Company in Peru and is responsible for all the business and legal administration as well as strategiesing for implementation of Andesat services.